Techno-Aide offers a variety of wheelchairs, stretchers and imaging chairs to accommodate any scenario you might encounter in your facility. With each patient comes a specific set of needs. Be prepared by having the right equipment at hand. Browse our inventory to see all of our transportation offerings.

Enhanced Patient Chair - NEW from $8,995.00 CRH-EPC
Multi-Purpose Exam Stretcher from $13,450.00 STH-MPS
Anti Theft Wheelchair - 20 from $675.00 BBWI-AT20
Anti-Theft Wheelchair - 22 from $688.00 BBWI-AT22
Anti-Theft Wheelchair - 24 from $700.00 BBWI-AT24
Non-Ferromagnetic Folding MRI Gurney from $7,973.00 MBG-450
Wheelchair One-Hook IV Pole from $101.00 BBWI-IV
IV/O2 Accessory for Wheelchairs from $168.00 BBWI-IO
IV Pole & O2 E Tank Mount from $245.00 MBW-10
MRI Wheelchair 18 from $2,973.00 MBW-18
MRI Wheelchair 20 from $3,100.00 MBW
MRI Bariatric Wheel Chairs 26 from $5,563.00 MBW-26B