Whether you’re looking for ultrasound gels, gel warmers, tables or warming blankets, Techno-Aide can deliver the right ultrasound accessories for your facilities. Stock your workplace with probe covers and disinfectants specifically designed for ultrasounds. Visit the Techno-Aide website to learn more about all of our ultrasound offerings.

Endo Ultrasound Vinyl Wedge from $475.00 YVFZ
SCAN ultrasound gel 1 gallon from $36.00 USS-380
SCAN ultrasound gel 237ml bottle from $58.00 USS-024
SCAN ultrasound gel  from $135.00 USS-438
Latex Probe Covers  from $585.00 USP-LN01CS
Ultrasound Positioning Kit from $572.00 YSRD
Square Hamper with Lid - White from $245.00 BHS-10
Hamper Bag - 25 from $59.00 BAG-25
Category Insert: Ultrasound, Small from $139.00 JCM-USE
Scanning Support Sponge Kit from $119.00 YKRC
Enhanced Patient Chair - NEW from $8,995.00 CRH-EPC
Scanning Support Sponge Kit from $545.00 YSRC
Ultrasound Probe Covers $249.00 from $0.00 USP-FS01-CL
Probe Covers $149.00 from $0.00 USP-LN04-CL
Ultrasound Gel Warmer: Single from $235.00 UGP-UL1
Ultrasound Probe Covers $149.00 from $0.00 USP-FN04-CL
Ultrasound Gel Warmer: Triple from $390.00 UGP-UL3
Hand Disinfectant Wipes  from $94.50 GWP-B65CS
Latex Probe Covers $75.00 from $0.00 USP-LN03-CL
Stainless Steel Utility Cart  from $460.00 BCS-73