French Style Aluminum Right & Left (9/16") Vertical Marker Set (With 3 Character Max)



Marker Type: French Style Aluminum Right & Left Marker Set

Right & Left Character Sizes: 9/16" (0.5625")

Character Maximum: 3 Character Max

Marker Orientation: Vertical


These markers are intended for Canadian and other international use. Not intended for use within the United States. "French Style" markers will not feature "R" and "L" characters.


Our "French style" aluminum markers offer a durable, premium polished look! Available in multiple color options, these 9/16" (0.5625") right & left markers are available with a single line of three maximum characters. Sold as a set of vertical right & left markers. French style markers feature the letter "G" to indicate left and the letter "D" to indicate right.


  • High quality, premium aluminum casing
  • Extreme durability and a superior polished look
  • Vertical orientation with a single line of three maximum characters
  • Right & left characters are 9/16" (0.5625") each
  • Sold as a set of markers (right & left)
  • French Style - "G" for left and "D" for right
All markers are manufactured as ordered. Shipping time DOES NOT include manufacturing time.
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5/8" (0.625")
1 Line (3 Character Maximum)
Single Left Marker
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(086) Solid Brilliant Blue
(031) Solid Red

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PID: 5217

 Other color markers are available for this style

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