Aluminum Right & Left (1/2") Horizontal Position Indicator Marker Set (With 2 Character Max)

SKU: TA-137


Marker Type: Aluminum Right & Left Position Indicator Marker Set

Right & Left Character Sizes: 1/2" (0.5")

Character Maximum: 2 Character Max

Marker Orientation: Horizontal


Our aluminum markers offer a durable, premium polished look! Our unique encapsulated beads act as a position indicator for quickly identifying image orientation. Available in multiple color options, these 1/2" (0.5") right & left markers feature position indicators and are available with a single line of two maximum characters. Sold as a set or individual horizontal right & left position indicator markers.


  • High quality, premium aluminum casing
  • Extreme durability and a superior polished look
  • Unique position indicator beads quickly identify image/patient orientation 
  • Vertical orientation with a single line of two maximum characters
  • Right & left characters are 1/2" each
  • Sold as a set or individual Right or Left markers 
Shipping Information:

Product Options

Limited to 2 characters.
 This product is available for online ordering.

Product Options

Up to 2 Characters
1 Line (2 Character Maximum)
1/2" (0.5")
(086) Solid Brilliant Blue
(031) Solid Red

Additional Info

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