Veterinary Vinyl Immobilizer Troughs



Techno-Aide is proud to offer our premium line of specialty vinyl covered Immobilizer V-Troughs. These heavy-duty V-shaped troughs are perfect for immobilizing patients during imaging procedures!

Immobilizers features a layer of heavy-gauge Techno-Tuff® black vinyl wrapped and sewn around a comfortable yet firm sponge core. The unique V-shaped design reduces motion and the risk of falls during a variety of procedures. Each immobilizer includes four easy-to-use hook & loop straps that quickly and conveniently attach to a matching hook & loop band along the sides of the trough. These straps help further immobilize patients and offer safe hands-free imaging. *

Liquid resistant, stain-proof, and extremely durable, our Techno-Tuff® vinyl offers a cleanable and reliable anti-microbial surface. Easy and safe to clean between uses with any standard germicide or mild cleaner. Available in four sizes from small to extra-large, or as a bundle of each for quick and simple purchasing.

- Comfortable, lightweight, and extremely durable

- Reduces motion and prevents falls during procedures

- Included hook & loop straps help secure patients during unique procedures

- Liquid resistant, stain-proof, and anti-microbial black Techno-Tuff® vinyl

- Easy and safe to clean with standard germicides and mild cleaners

- Available in four standard sizes or as a convenient bundle

- Perfect for Hands-Free veterinary imaging!

Shipping Information:
Box 1: 16" x 41" x 16" (10.00 lbs.)

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Additional Info

PID: 4921

*Straps, seams, and hook & loop connectors are not certified radiolucent and may show during imaging. This product has not been certified MR safe.


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