Adult General Purpose Repositionable Electrodes for Diagnostic Procedures and All Cardiac Monitoring, Solid Gel, Carbon Snap,

SKU: MRE-600

Available as   5/strip, 1 strip/pouch, 120 pouches/600/case
Disposable ECG electrodes are designed to work for Stress testing, Short and Long Term Monitoring, Holter monitoring and/or Resting EKG. This is a Solid-Gel adhesive we have specially formulated to  improve adhesion and ease of application. There is also no  clean up of the patient's skin after application.


A universal electrode to be used throughout the facility.
Promotes SKU Consolidation and saves money and time.
Radio Translucent leaves no shadow during X-ray; MR Conditional.
Can be repositioned several times, Initially placed in static body area; move to attain clearer ECG trace.Good for changing departments where alternate placement is desired.
Electrodes can be defibrillated but some clinicians prefer to remove and if so replace on liner and reapply after defibrillation.
Reduces waste which saves money.

Small size makes it ideal for use on patient of all ages and sizes.
Pliable backing is flexible on different body contours.
Low profile helps reduce the chance of catching on garments and sheets.
Larger sensor area (13-20%) provides clear accurate traces.

When replacing, replace in the same place in the liner from which it was removed.
Pinch/grabber lead wire end connectors are recommended.
Shipping Information:
Box 1: 10" x 16" x 12" (3.00 lbs.)

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