DEXA Positioning Kit



Kit includes one "A" Frame 15 degree Foot Splint (8"D x 7.5" W x 12" Tall), One "YVFJ" Head Bolster (8" x 12" x 3") and one "YVFQ" Leg Bolster (20" x 20" x 12")  The large bolster aids in positioning the AP lumbar spine. The 15 degree A frame splint lock the feet into position to abduct both legs to hold full extension at the knees and hips.  

Reusable bolsters are manufactured from firm, high density urethane foam. Royal blue outer covering is durable heavy gauge reinforced vinyl. Seams are sewn and tear resistant. Easy to clean. 

Shipping Information:
Box 1: 14" x 34" x 22" (12.00 lbs.)

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PID: 6068

Products can be ordered individually.

 Meets the new California 2015 Technical Bulletin #117-2013 standards.

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