Extremity Strap Adhesive Table Liner

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Techno-Aide is proud to present the ultimate solution in veterinary Hands-Free X-Rays®!

Designed for use with our new premium Elastic Extremity Straps, Techno-Aide's Adhesive Table Liner allows you to outfit virtually any imaging table for superior Hands-Free X-Ray applications!

Simple and easy to apply, these durable adhesive strips attach quickly and securely to nearly any size table. Sold as a single roll of 15" (5 yards) black "loop" connection tape. Elastic Extremity Straps sold separately.



  • Determine sides of the table (or tables) to apply adhesive.
  • With a measuring tape, carefully measure each predetermined side edge to edge.
  • With approved cutting tool (such as scissors), cut strips to measured lengths. 
  • Carefully peel back a small section of the easy-pull backing and place at desired starting point.
  • Press firmly against table liner for several seconds allowing the adhesive time to adhere to the table.
  • Continue peeling the backing as you press the tape into position along the edges of the table.
  • Allow table liner to sit for 12-24 hours before use.
  • Do not expose table liner to excessive heat fluctuations once adhered to any surface, as this may cause the adhesive to become dislodged before, during, or after use.



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