Flexible Vinyl Sandsock General Bundle 4



Techno-Aide is proud to present the perfect Hands-Free Radiology® accessory! Our flexible vinyl sandsocks are the ideal option for quick and comfortable patient positioning. 

Designed specifically for a wide variety of positioning needs, these soft and easy to use sandsocks are the perfect solution for hard to hold or irregular anatomy. Ideal for use in veterinary, therapeutic and rehabilitation applications, surgical after-care, and general patient positioning. Each tan colored sandsock features reinforced double seams for premium durability.


- Reinforced double seams for extended durability

- Easy and safe to clean and sanitize between patients

- Extremely flexible, tan colored vinyl covering

- Lightweight and easy to use

- Ideal for hard to hold or irregular anatomy

- Perfect for use in Veterinary imaging

- Available in black or tan (camel) fabric


*Vinyl covered sandsocks are radiolucent, but seams may show under x-ray.

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