Large Portable Blanket Warmer



Blanket Warmer is IEC 60601-1 Medical Accessory Compliant, CE, CSA, & ULC certified. Made and assembled in the USA

Designed for radiology, surgery, outpatient, ER, and EMS. These specially insulated blanket warmers keep warmed blankets warm. The durable and washable nylon exterior bag features a handy hook and loop closing flap.

The removable interior heating elements keep the temperature at a steady 130-140 degree F when plugged into an optional, low voltage power supply (sold separately). These lightweight and portable bags are designed and assembled in the USA and come with a 1 year warranty. 

19" x 18" x 12" Bag weighs 4.3 lbs and will hold 6-7 blankets

Shipping Information:
Box 1: 23" x 7" x 23" (7.30 lbs.)

Product Options


Product Options

DC-Power Supply

Additional Info

PID: 6009

Blanket Warmer is IEC 60601-1 Medical Accessory Compliant. Made and assembled in the USA

AC Power supply and 12v Cord Adapter sold separately.

 From room temperature it takes the elements about 20 minutes to reach their full operating temp. The time it will take for the blankets to reach that same temp will vary depending on blanket volume and the ambient conditions in the location where the warmer is placed.Our recommendation is to keep the unit plugged in 24/7 to always insure a warm blanket is available. The unit is designed for constant operations.