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Mammography Biopsy Chair



 Ideal for use as a procedural chair or treatment table during mammography/biopsy procedures. The shortened base is easy to maneuver in small rooms with large imaging equipment. The backrest adjusts to a full upright position of 90 to facilitate mammography procedures. This unit adjusts easily from sitting to supine and provides a stable work surface during patient treatment. Pre-induction, transport, treatment, and recovery can be performed on the same unit to improve case turn-around and streamline patient handling in surgical care.

Operational Benefits

  • Shortened base and premium Tente casters allow for easy maneuvering around imaging equipment
  • The unit’s height can be adjusted and Trendelenburg positions configured with hands-free simplicity (using pedals on both sides of the base)
  • The side rails can be folded away using easily accessible release levers for excellent lesion site access
  • The brake and steer system is operated by levers at the side of the chair base

Economic Benefits

  • The chair’s versatility allows it to be used for pre-induction, transport, treatment, and recovery.
  • The stainless steel base cover is seamless and easy to clean

Patient Outcome and Safety Benefits

  • The chair can be raised in the supine position to safely transfer a patient from a stretcher or bed to the chair, reducing risk of injury to transport personnel
  • The high-density, non-conductive vinyl-covered foam chair pads support the patient comfortably, and arm rests are padded for comfort
  • A pneumatic-assisted backrest can be adjusted with levers on both sides of the chair from supine to 90 degrees for patient comfort and procedure positioning. An additional lever controls Trendelenburg positioning to 10 degrees
  • The leg section and the height of the fold-down footrest are adjustable, maximizing lower body comfort and stability

Standard Features

  • Dual Side Hydraulic Foot Pedal Controls For Height Adjustment: 23.5” to 31.5”
  • Pneumatic Assist Backrest: 0°- 90° Trendelenburg: 0°- 10°
  • Four Wheel Brake and Steer System Operable From Both Sides Of Unit Feature 5 In Easy Rolling Casters
  • Easy To Clean Durable Stainless Steel Base Cover
  • Polymer Coated Steel Litter Top
  • Fold-Down Foot Rest (Height Adjustable)
  • Accessory Wells (2 on Each Side)
  • Built-In Chart Holder and Push Bar
  • Swing Down and Tuck-Under Rails with Padded Armrests Maintain Patient Security
  • Patient Surface: 22” x 70.5”
  • Sectional 3″ Thick Mattress Pad  
  • Weight Capacity: 325 lbs

Color is Spruce Green. 15 other colors are available for an additional $250 upgrade fee.



Shipping Information:
Box 1: 33" x 32" x 90" (325.00 lbs.)

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This Product is Currently Unavailable

Please check back for availability as Techno-Aide continues to bring manufacturing operations back online.

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PID: 658

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