MRI Patient Protection Pads for GE 3T



Patient Protection Pads for GE 1.5T and 3T 

Keep Your Patients Safe and Comfortable for Maximum Throughput!  Includes pack of two pads to accomodate each side of the patient. Pads are 15" long x 13" wide x .625 deep.

The first dedicated advanced patient pads specifically designed to protect patients from thermal injuries during MRI.

– prevent contact with the bore
– easy to use
– a must for MRI
– helps prevent thermal injury

Don’t scan another patient without MRI Patient Protection Pads! 


Advanced Viscoelastic Material:

• Permanent antimicrobial agent to inhibit the growth of 99.9% of harmful bacteria.
• Decreased patient motion during scans due to enhanced patient comfort.
• Increased patient satisfaction.
• The ultimate in pressure management technology for MRI, CT, and PET scanners.
• Reduces peak pressure, friction and pressure for improved blood flow.
• Exceptional radiolucent qualities.


• Can be easily cleaned and disinfected with any standard hospital disinfectant.
• User friendly - Reduces operation costs.
• Quick return on investment after purchase.

Covering Materials: 

• Ultra-strong fabric with seams sewn with coated nylon thread to protect viscoelastic core material from body fluids.
• Permanent antimicrobial agent incorporated in the top
   and bottom cover fabrics.
• Vapor, moisture impervious and latex free.
• Reduces sweating and shearing.

Fire Safe:

Flammability compliant to CTB-133 standards, the required standards for most states.

Shipping Information:
Box 1: 28" x 20" x 12" (2.00 lbs.)

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