Non-Stealth Traditional Retangle Sponge


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Size:Rectangle Mat Set Of Two  18 X 24 X .25

Our Non-Stealth Traditional Sponge is a durable polyurethane foam that provides excellent support and comfort for patients. Easy to use and perfect for body positioning for radiology imaging exams.  Meets the new California 2015 Technical Bulletin #117-2013 standards. New Fresh light mint green color. Non-allergenic.    


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Box 1: 4" x 30" x 18" (1.00 lbs.)

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$14.00 $8

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PID: 6312

These Traditional sponges are NOT our Stealth cut sponges. These sponges have the same medical grade coating applied as our Stealth Cote Coated sponges, but do not have angles applied to them, leaving a smaller footprint. Because the angles are not applied, we cannot document that they are artifact free. Our Stealth line of sponges have a unique angle applied to the sponge edges so that when coated with our proprietary mixed medical grade coating, there are no line artifacts seen.   

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