Surgical Radiation Protection Gloves (Disposable)

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Techno-Aide's Disposable Surgical Radiation Protection gloves offer premium radiation reduction to the hands and fingers without sacrificing dexterity and mobility.

Available in two styles (Lite or Max), these lightweight and pliable gloves provide shielding the hands from direct and scatter radiation. Each pair of Lite or Max gloves are latex-free lead-free, and ship sterile. Lite gloves feature 0.20mm thickness and Max gloves feature 0.40mm thickness for high tactile sensitivity.

These cost-effective sterile gloves are ideal for use during pain management studies, coronary angioplasty, fluoroscopy and numerous other specialty procedures. The lead free design allows for easy and safe disposal after use. Available in multiple sizes, these radiation protection gloves are sold as a box of five (5) pairs.


- Available in two unique styles: Lite (0.20mm) or Max (0.40mm)

- Multiple options to fit virtually any hand size

- Sold as a box of five (5) pairs

- Latex and lead-free

- Safe to dispose of

- Ship sterile



Lite Surgical Gloves (0.20mm):

40% at 60 kV

32% at 90 kV

25% at 120 kV

Max Surgical Gloves (0.40mm):

63% at 60 kV

48% at 90 kV

38% at 120 kV

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