Ultrasound Exam Weight Bearing Platform



Techno-Aide’s Ultrasound Exam Step Platform permits efficient and accurate exams of the upper and lower leg during venous insufficiency studies and Doppler exams. The patient is placed in an optimal position for easy ergonomic scanning by the ultrasonographer promoting a better scanning environment.  Designed for patients up to 350 lbs. Easy to store and move with medical grade casters. Easy to keep clean. Platform is made from steel tubing.

Overall size: 54.5" tall x 26" long x 20" wide
Top Step: 8" tall x 16" deep x 19" wide 
Bottom Step: 9" tall x 10" deep x 19" wide 

Shipping Information:
Box 1: 59" x 43" x 22" (120.00 lbs.)

Product Options


Product Options

Textured Black

Additional Info

PID: 6384

Other colors are available upon request. Those color will be non-returnable