Techno-Aide Sells X-Ray Marker Business


Longtime Industry Marker Manufacturer, All-Craft Wellman, Acquires Product Line.


NASHVILLE, September 24, 2021 - Nashville-based medical imaging supplies and accessories manufacturer, Techno-Aide Inc., announced today that it completed the sale of its radiology marker business line to Ohio-based All-Craft Wellman. Beginning October 1, 2021, all markers sold by Techno-Aide will be produced by All-Craft Wellman, a well-established manufacturer of radiology markers.

"Earlier this year we began a conversation with All-Craft Wellman about what a mutually beneficial relationship may begin to look like," said Bill Seaver, President and CEO of Techno-Aide. "What emerged from those conversations was the opportunity for All-Craft to take over our production of markers and expand its sales through our various channels. We're pleased to provide more marker options to our customers by offering All-Craft's entire catalog of products alongside the rest of our Techno-Aide products."

Techno-Aide was founded on the production of radiology markers in 1977 and expanded its product lines over the following years. In March 2020, Techno-Aide rebuilt the company in the wake of the tornado that destroyed its former location.

"What Techno-Aide has been able to accomplish in the aftermath of the tornado has been astounding," noted Rick Serio, President of All-Craft Wellman. "Techno-Aide emerged with renewed focus, capabilities, and opportunities, and we're excited to serve their customers with our products."

All-Craft Wellman was founded in 1902 as a manufacturer of lead letters for the foundry industry. The company first worked with the Mayo Clinic in the mid-1950s to create lead letters for radiology and is now the world's largest supplier of x-ray markers.  

"The All-Craft team has always produced a great marker product," said Seaver. "They set the bar for high quality x-ray markers long ago and we're excited to include them with our existing product line of other imaging supplies and accessories."



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