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Important Innovations for Radiology in 2017

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It is an incredible time to be a radiology professional. Whether you are a clinician or a manufacturer (like we are at Techno-Aide), you're witnessing massive innovations in the field of diagnostic imaging. No matter where you look, there are new solutions to old problems, fresh efficiencies and opportunities for better patient care. No one knows exactly what the future will hold, but we've gathered together some of the innovations you're likely to see in 2017 as a radiologist or other type of radiology professional.


Upcoming Innovations in Radiology

3D Printing Models Based on Radiographic Imaging -


Imagine being able to create a three-dimensional model of a bone or body region based on the information collected through traditional radiographic imaging. Today, this is possible. Zika researchers are creating 3D printed models of baby skulls which have been developmentally compromised due to the Zika virus. The applications for other corners of radiology are obvious and innumerable. In the near future, you won't just have to look at an image in 2D space - you will be able to hold it in your hands.

Improved Diagnostics -

IBM has proved that machine learning can outperform diagnosing radiologists in spotting some types of skin cancer. As these technologies become more sophisticated, the ramifications for early and effective diagnostics are encouraging.

Sustainability -


The world's helium shortage has created a need for more sustainable radiology machines. The helium problem has yet to be solved, but some great minds are working on solutions. If you work in diagnostic imaging, expect to hear a lot about this in 2017.

Radiology and Virtual Reality -


Radiologists in Brazil have started using a combination of MRI and Ultrasound to send virtual reality images to the Oculus Rift. Physicians have used this technique to view fetuses in incredible detail, already increasing our knowledge about fetal development. There are endless applications for similar techniques, each offering radiologists a more immersive and up-close perspective on interior body processes.

Techno-Aide and the Future of Radiology

Techno-Aide has been manufacturing and selling the best radiology equipment and accessories since 1970. Since that time, we've seen incredible changes in the industry. Previously unimaginable ideas are today, standard practice. We can only expect that the next 46 years will produce far greater improvements to this vital healthcare field.

At Techno-Aide, we spend a lot of time informing ourselves about the latest industry innovations. We design new products accordingly, always trying to create units that will be very useful to our clients and their patients. We look forward to seeing how each of these innovations evolves over the coming year.

Techno-Aide we add products to our catalog all the time. If you haven't visited our website recently, you're missing out on dozens of new products that we have created in response to rapid industry changes. We look forward to including new products for virtual reality diagnostics and the other innovations mentioned above. Until then, we'll be following industry developments closely, and always informing our customers about what we've learned.




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