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Keep Up With CT Advances By Trying These CT Accessories

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With the advances in CT technology, radiologists are finding even more practical uses for diagnosing patients in different capacities. Aunt Minnie recently published this article, which discusses the usefulness of coronary calcium CT scans when it comes to predicting the mortality of a patient. The Annals of Internal Medicine tested close to 10,000 patients and accurately predicted in death up to 15 years ahead of time. CT has proven to have many significant diagnostic capabilities and shows no signs of slowing anytime soon. On the heels of such news, we thought it might be a good time to discuss some of our CT accessories and how they help you do your job more efficiently.

CT Patient Supports and Immobilizers - We all know how difficult it can be when working with a sedated patient or even a restless child. That's why we offer occipital head supports and immobilizer straps that keep your patient in place while also offering comfort during a procedure. We're also big fans of the Chrysalis Breast Displacement System and once you see what it is capable of, you will be, too. Not only do they enhance image quality by up to 43%, they significantly reduce the amount of radiation exposure to patients. The Chrysalis System is quick and easy to use and will be one of your favorite new tools.

CT Transfer Boards - This CT Transfer Board is a very handy patient accessory for moving patients from a stretcher to the CT Table. It's radiolucent and has conveniently placed hand holes to allow for optimal movement. It's also a great transfer board for MRI and general imaging, making it a versatile tool to have at your disposal.

CT Positioning Aid Bundle Kits - These are great items to buy in a bundle. We offer both CT sandbag and positioning sponge kits that ensure you'll have everything you need in one order. No more scrambling to use a head support for a patient's legs or looking for a missing positioning aid. These kits are designed to cover the wide range of scenarios you might encounter on a given day in a busy imaging facility.



CT Skin Markers - Techno-Aide has a stellar reputation when it comes to skin markers. These multi-modality markers are perfect for use in CT and will help identify any areas of interest or notify radiologists of moles or other necessary areas on the skin. Non-Metallic skin markers are also very popular items with technologists in CT scans. They're latex-free and clearly identify any areas of concern.

Computer Console Chairs - Take a load off with this amazing computer console chair. It's what you might call a smart-chair, since it gauges the body weight and size of technologists and automatically adjusts according to their dimensions. This is the perfect chair for CT technologists.

This is just the beginning of what we can offer you here at Techno-Aide. Keep up with the technology that creates more efficiency in your workplace. Medical advances are happening at a rapid pace in our field and we're offering the products that are keeping up with the times. Ground breaking applications of CT, X-ray and MRI require all of us to step up our game and we're happy to offer you radiology accessories that do just that. Come learn more about what we can offer to help you stay on the cutting edge of radiology. Browse our website to learn more.




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