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Protective Laser Glasses from Techno-Aide

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Today we're talking about lasers, and Techno-Aide's Laser Glasses. Lasers are pretty cool, and are useful for thousands of different functions all around the world - electronics, energy production, and medicine/radiology. In this last category, lasers are integral technologies in procedures like Endovenous Laser Treatments/Therapy, CT Laser Mammography,

Venous Laser Ablations, Interstitial laser ablations,

and Percutaneous laser ablations. If you aren't familiar with all the processes in that last mouthful, never fear. Lasers, themselves, are actually pretty easy to understand.


What Are Lasers?


Did you know that "Laser" is an acronym, not just a neat-sounding word? "Laser" stands for "Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation". It's one of those handy names that tells you important information about the thing itself.


As its name would imply, lasers use intense concentrations of light, which are focused through a "lasing medium". A lasing medium might be a crystal, a gas, specially engineered glass, semiconductors, and special liquids. These mediums are used to remove all colors from the light except one, a frequency (color) of light that, when transmitted within the intense beam of light in the laser, can accomplish powerful functions.


In radiology and medicine, lasers like these are often used to ablate (melt, vaporize, or otherwise remove) tissues in a variety of procedures. Radiographic technologists use lasers in CT mammography and other jobs. These are just a few examples.


What Are the Dangers of Lasers?


A laser is just colored light, right? What harm could that possibly do? Turns out, quite a bit. Light has material properties - photons. In ways that we are just beginning to understand, intense concentrations of photons can damage all kinds of materials (like eyes and skin).


If you regularly use lasers in diagnostic imaging, you've got to protect your eyes against lasers with laser glasses, just as you would protect your body from scatter radiation with a lead apron. Laser glasses are specially designed to block out certain frequencies (colors) of light. These colors are mixed into the glass that composes the lenses of each pair of laser glasses. These frequencies are then blocked, allowing the non-harmful frequencies of light to pass through into the eye just like normal.


This is a very important function, because lasers pack a punch. Even the simple lasers built into laser pointers and cat toys focus light to an intensity 100x more powerful than the visible light from the sun! Looking directly into a "toy" laser like this can permanently damage the eye. Imagine how much havoc an industrial laser could wreak! Better to wear the glasses, huh?

Different lasers work at different light frequencies, so not all laser protection glasses will be suited for each job. Techno-Aide has a helpful document to help you choose just the right glasses for your job. If you still have trouble, one of our laser specialty technicians would be happy to help you choose the right protective gear for the job. There are many ways that laser beams can be reflected chaotically (spectral reflections, diffuse reflections). Don't leave your eye health to chance. Protect your eyes with Techno-Aide's laser safety glasses and know that your vision is always safe, no matter what happens on the job.





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