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The FDA Just Approved a New Radioactive Agent for Diagnostic Imaging

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From an outsider's perspective, the field of radiology might not seem that interesting. From an insider's perspective, diagnostic imaging is a field that's constantly changing. Techno-Aide has been operating out of Nashville, Tennessee since our founding in 1970. During the past five decades, we have seen tremendous changes in clinical radiology technology and practice. We're excited to see that the FDA has made another tool available for the diagnosis of disease: gallium Ga 68 dotatate.

If that name doesn't exactly ring a bell or roll right off the tongue, don't worry. This radioactive agent is just out of regulatory testing, but even if you're an experienced radiologist, you've probably never heard of it, much less used it yourself. Like radioactive compounds used in X-ray or CT, Ga 68 is injected for use in PET. And rather than helping to diagnose a wide range of maladies, this agent is on the hunt for one disease in particular: somatostatin receptor positive neuroendocrine tumors (or "NETs" for short).

NETs are tumors that form in the neuroendocrine system. That might sound like an isolated problem, but it's not. Though rare, NETs can surface in organs all around the body - lungs, intestines, pancreas, etc. NETs latch onto specific hormones through special receptions. Ga 68 is amazing, because it's able to attach itself to these same receptors, giving radiologists a picture of where these cancerous cells are located and how much damage they have caused.

Ga 68 works better than CT and MRI for mapping these tumors, and doesn't have any big side effects. Though it directly contributes to radiation exposure in a patient's body, the overall radiation load is less than what the patient would receive through traditional diagnostic imaging techniques, all while providing better results.

The folks at Techno-Aide are always excited to hear about positive new developments in radiology. Since the dawn of X-ray, radiology has been at the forefront of medicine, improving and extending human life. As advancements are continually made, radiation safety companies like Techno-Aide make new products to improve the safety and efficacy of innovations like Ga 68.

Techno-Aide designs and manufactures all of our radiation accessories in Nashville, Tennessee. Through our expansive catalog, we provide resources for thousands of diagnostic imaging applications, from filing to X-ray markers to lead aprons. It's just a matter of time before we incorporate new product designs for use in Ga 68 procedures. Regardless of the twists and turns of radiology innovation, Techno-Aide is committed to safety and excellence; we're looking forward to the journey!




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