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The Magic of Marker Mates

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At Techno-Aide, we've proven that we care about offering products to make your job a little easier. Whether it's lightweight x-ray aprons, artifact-free positioning sponges or reliable x-ray markers, we know that high-quality radiology accessories can make all the difference in your workplace. That's why we encourage all of our technologists and radiologists to check out the amazing Marker Mates. These items are incredibly popular with so many of our customers because of their ease of use and ability to hold markers in place during procedures. If you haven't tried Marker Mates in your imaging facility, then it's time to step up your game.

Why Use Marker Mates?

Have you ever used an excessive amount of tape to keep a marker in place? Maybe you consistently notice that markers are quick to fall off the receptor or chest stand. What technologist hasn't faced these problems before? That's the exact reason why Marker Mates were created. They completely solve the problem of x-ray marker stabilization and make the imaging process more efficient. Let's take a look at how these small accessories make a huge difference for technologists.

How Marker Mates Work...

Marker Mates are small and even unassuming in their appearance. But they pack a lot of power. They work with an adhesive, which is applied to the back of a marker and then mounted on the desired surface. They're sturdy and will keep the heaviest of markers in place. The best part of using Marker Mates is that they leave no sticky residue behind! They can even be reused multiple times on different surfaces. You'll notice a difference immediately. The Marker Mate is an accessory that, once used, will become an invaluable part of your toolkit as a technologist. It's far and away the best way to keep x-ray markers in place, and there's really not even a close second. They're an affordable solution to a common problem in imaging facilities.

Buy a set of Marker Mates and customize them to the size you need. No more need for rolls of tape that leave behind residue and make your markers filthy. Once you use a Marker Mate for the first time, you'll wonder how you ever lived without them.

Another Way to Keep X-ray Markers Clean

Since x-ray markers are constantly being used for a variety of patients and imaging procedures, you'll need to keep them clean. We suggest using Sanicloth Super Wipes to get the job done. Anytime you use a marker or anytime you find that they're getting sticky, simply use one of these disinfectant wipes to keep your x-ray markers clean and ready for use.


Take advantage of these and other cutting edge radiology accessories by browsing the Techno-Aide website. We offer solutions to many of the problems facing our customers. Positioning aids, patient handling equipment, protective x-ray apparel - this is just the beginning of what we offer at Techno-Aide. Come learn how we can make your job a little bit easier.




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