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What Exactly Are Xray Markers?

Written by Ryan Pryor on August 11, 2021
Category: X-Ray Markers


Xray markers are used in various radiology scenarios to identify xray images. Also referred to as anatomical side markers or xray lead markers among other names, x-ray markers stamp information on an image to adequately label xrays. They are utilized in hospitals, clinics, medical imaging facilities, and even veterinary clinics to note the anatomical sides of the body, procedure date, patient name, and other pertinent details for xray images. 


Position indicator markers work by being exposed to radiation which causes a shadow to be cast by the marker that is visible on the image. They are attached with tape or an adhesive such as Marker Mates Reusable Marker Adhesives. Markers contain characters such as letters, numbers, beads, or arrows. The characters in Xray markers are most commonly made of lead; however, there are lead-free alternatives available. 


One generally used type of xray marker is left and right markers. You find left and right markers in blue and red for left and right, respectively. These markers are available in sets or individuals, in rectangle or square, in vertical and horizontal orientation, and in multiple sizes. 


Initials are frequently used on xray markers as well. Xray markers with initials indicate the radiographer or technologist, or a certain positioning. You might also find encapsulated lead beads to assist in identification. These beads indicate a patient's positioning, whether horizontal or vertical and the direction of inclination on the x-rays.


Xray markers are manufactured in both plastic and aluminum materials. Plastic Markers and Aluminum Markers indicate left and right positions and can be made with and without initials. Although red and blue are the most commonly used colors, you can choose from 50 different xray marker color options to fully customize your xray markers


Other useful indicators include disposable markers. These are typically used in oncology and radiology to indicate areas on the skin. Disposable skin markers are usually self-adhesive and are placed on the patient before an imaging procedure such as a mammogram. Some common disposable markers include:


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