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Finding the Best Veterinary Radiology Products

Written by Ryan Pryor on September 27, 2021
Category: Veterinary X-ray Supplies


Veterinary technicians and their four-legged patients deserve the best treatment experience during diagnostic imaging procedures. Having the right veterinary radiology products will make a big difference in the comfort and care of the animals being treated.  

Techno-Aide is your trusted supplier of veterinary x-ray supplies. Our full collection of products includes veterinary radiology sandbags, straps, sponges, and stands. View our catalog of vet supplies online to help meet the needs of any veterinary medical office. 

Veterinary X-ray Supplies:






Both the Vinyl Immobilizer Straps and Elastic Extremity Straps provide security and reduce motion during imaging procedures by immobilizing the patient or their extremities. Straps are lightweight, durable, and comfortably designed for fast and easy adjustment before, during, and after imaging procedures. We also offer Extremity Strap Adhesive Table Liner and Veterinary Vinyl Immobilizer Troughs for further assistance.



Veterinary radiology sandbags and sandsocks are the ideal options for quick and comfortable veterinary use patient positioning. Our premium, Heavy-Gauge Vinyl Square Sandbags or Heavy-Gauge Vinyl Rectangular Sandbags offer superior, flexible solutions for hard to hold or irregular anatomy. Also, check out the Flexible Vinyl Sandsocks or Heavy-Gauge Vinyl Sandbag Pairs for more options.

Sandbags and sandsocks are manufactured completely sewn and tear-resistant seams, and can even be purchased specifically to work in the MRI environment. MRI Heavy-Gauge Vinyl Sandbags are non-conductive and constructed with non-metallic materials.

If you are needing to order multiple sandbags or sandsocks, consider purchasing them as a bundle. We offer two different flexible vinyl sandsock bundles, four heavy-gauge sandbag bundles, and an MRI sandbag bundle. 



We offer two different veterinary x-ray sponge bundles: Closed Cell Veterinary Sponge Bundle and Vinyl Covered Veterinary Sponge Bundle



Instrument stands offer quick and convenient access to important surgical instruments, supplies, and storage near patients during procedures. Both the Standard Mayo Portable Instrument Stand and the MRI Mayo Portable Instrument Stand are steel-constructed stands that are simple to adjust to different heights and are easily portable to serve veterinary radiologists and technicians. 

Techno-Aide is your one-stop-shop for imaging solutions beyond veterinary medicine. If you're looking for more products such as x-ray gowns, radiation safety glasses, xray markers, and more, you'll find them here.