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What’s New With Xray Markers

Written by Ryan Pryor on December 08, 2021
Category: X-Ray Markers


The lead x-ray marker industry has significantly changed through the decades. From their uses, the materials, and how you can purchase them, advances in radiology markers are helping radiographs capture clearer information for those in the medical field and beyond.


Xray markers can be referred to by many names such as anatomical side markers, lead markers, Pb markers, or radiographic film markers. They are used to clearly, easily, and permanently identify radiographs. 


??The first iteration of xray markers were simply pieces of metal that were opaque to radiation, or radiopaque, and were attached directly to the patient to mainly specify the left and right of an anatomical part. Although this may still be a function of markers, they can be used for so much more. 


There was a growing need to have more clear and concise information captured while the image was taken and not after which can be a liability. The ability to use letters, numbers, and symbols has created a safer and clear system. So just as x-ray technology continues to progress so have x-ray markers. 


There are six main types of radiology markers currently offered:

  1. Unmounted Lead Letters - these x-ray markers are the most economical means of positive x-ray identification and come in a variety of sizes and styles.

  2. Mounted Lead Letters - these types of markers are a more convenient method of X-ray identification. Letters and words are able to be mounted on aluminum, copper, or clear, white or black vinyl plastic.


  1. Polycarbonate Markers - this kind of marker is made by taking custom engraved initials, numbers, or mammography views and using durable red and green polycarbonate plastic into the surface and then is filled with a radiopaque epoxy.

  2. Mark-Clear Markers - this highest-quality X-ray marker is made from solid lead letters enclosed in a laminated acrylic plastic and a durable vinyl or aluminum backing.


  1. Enclosed Markers - these radiology markers are enclosed lead letters between folded aluminum and clear plastic covers to ensure durability.

  2. Embedded Markers - these markers are totally encased in a crystal-clear embedment plastic and are available with an aluminum or a tough polycarbonate background.

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