Techno-Aide offers a broad range of stools and seating for the radiology profession. Form spin and pneumatic models to seating with a variety of backrests. All stools and seating are designed for the utmost in durability, comfort, and affordability.

Bariatric Stool from $450.00 BBP-62
Pneumatic Seat Stool from $335.00 BPS-20
Spin-Lift Adjustable Stool - 5 leg  $325.00 from $225.00 BAS-40
MRI Stainless Steel 18 from $600.00 MBC-40FT
MRI Stainless Steel Doctor Stool from $893.00 MBC-40CT
Stool with TB-133 Fire Rating from $440.00 BPS-20T
Radiology Step Stool - NEW! from $1,189.00 WMP-726
Adjustable Stool $210.00 from $175.00 BAS-30 clearance
Pneumatic Stool from $930.00 ZBCH-UVS
Elemental Standard with Arms from $440.00 ZOEC-MA46
Scooter Stool - NEW! from $175.00 BAS-04
Elemental Standard with  Arms from $392.00 ZOEC-MA03
MRI Chair +Back+Arms 15 from $1,063.00 MBC-32CT
MRI Chair +Back+Arms from $1,159.00 MBC-32CC
Rubber Tips  from $20.00 BRF-45
MRI Stool +Back+Arms 21 from $1,111.00 MBC-32ST
MRI Stool +Back+Arms from $1,246.00 MBC-32SC