Techno-Aide supplies veterinarians with quality x-ray protection and x-ray accessories. We offer protective gear, veterinary x-ray gloves, x-ray markers, positioning aides and clinic accessories specifically designed for those working in the veterinary field. Our veterinary bundle kits are a great way to get all of your accessories in one batch. Browse our site to learn more about our immobilizers and scratch-resistant x-ray aprons.

Veterinary Immobilizer Set from $355.00 YVCK
EZ Guard Lead Apron from $220.00 EV
Apron Rack Only from $187.00 AGR-105
Veterinary Immobilizer - Small from $59.00 QYVCA
DEXA Head Bolster from $81.00 YVFJ
Bolster Block from $227.00 YVFP
Bolster Block from $170.00 YVF78
Bolster Block  from $72.00 YVFH
Flexible Lead Blocker 5 from $37.00 FLB-58
Radiation Area Sign from $15.00 CRA-17
Hand Guard Mittens from $125.00 HS
Hand-Guard: 5-Finger Glove from $376.00 HGP
45 Degree Cardiac Wedge from $220.00 YVDA
Flexible Lead Blocker 5 from $48.00 FLB-52
Palm-Guard Slitted Gloves from $531.00 PSP