Radiology Transfer Board: Imaging, CT MRI - Half Size

SKU: TBH-2332


Allows safe and efficient transfer of patients for general imaging, MRI, and CT. Semi rigid slick material makes positioning under the patient easy. Transfer boards are radiolucent and can be used in the imaging field. Conveniently located 1.5" x 4.5" handgrips allow optimal movement. Boards are made of durable high density polyethylene. Color: White. 

MR Safe (no known hazards)

23" w x 32"l x 3/16" thick. 

3 other sizes are available. Narrow, Standard, and Bariatric.


Shipping Information:
Box 1: 1" x 23" x 32" (6.00 lbs.)

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Product Options

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PID: 1680

Lifting Straps & Restraint straps not included but can be purchased separately. 

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